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Frankie's Gallery Wall

Home DIY Nov 18, 2018

One of the things I was most excited about was decorating Frankie’s room.

I know, it’s kinda cliche that I love the idea so much, I mean it’s clearly for me rather than her  – at 5 months I don’t think she notices at all! But if I’ve learnt anything in the last few months it’s that you should really just do whatever feels good.

I’ve been collecting and DIYing things to put on her wall for a long time. I’d love to say that it has been about getting it perfect but in reality life has been so hectic I just haven’t found the time to put everything up. So sue me! What I wanted was that everything on the wall had a little bit of sentimental meaning, so in many ways it’s like a scrapbook you can see right in front of you. Here’s a round up of what I’ve put on her walls.

Frankie’s hospital bracelet

I contemplated putting this in her baby book but I wanted to put it somewhere I would see it and so I decided to frame it instead. I used a piece of orange paper as the background and simply sandwiched it between that and the glass. I love looking at it!

Wrapping paper

It feels so wrong to throw beautiful wrapping paper, so I was very happy to find a way to display it. This one’s from Ben’s aunty and (if you look closely) is hilarious! I just cut out a section of wrapping paper the same size as the frame and put it on the wall.

Baby cards

Ditto for the baby cards, people spend so much time and energy on cards and it sucks when they just gather dust in a drawer. And when you friend has splurged oh fancy Rifle Paper Co cards they definitely go on the wall. To do this, I simply lined the back of the frame with some contrasting paper, and then placed the card in the middle and put the frame together. Easy!


You’ll know I’m a fan of framing fabric, so hopefully you won’t hate me for cutting up a tote bag I got in NYC from Catbird for the wall. I have so many tote bags and felt I wasn’t giving this one enough love, particularly given how cute that swan illustration is, and I think it works perfectly on the wall!


Ok sooooo there are quite a few of my fave prints in Frankie’s room. You’ll notice a breast theme emerging… It’s Franki’e favourite thing right now haha. I got this one and this one for the wall. I also have three Jasmine Dowling prints on the wall. I put an antique boat picture on the wall too!

Ollie illustration

A few years ago Belinda did an illustration of Ollie and I have to say it’s a still a fave. It had to go on the wall!

Hong Kong Map

Finally, my most recent addition to the wall is the map of Hong Kong from Mapiful. I LOVE this website. It’s allows you to custom design your own location map, at whatever scale and aesthetic you like. It’s such a great idea. Psst grab 10% off when you use the code ‘apairandaspare10’.

Do you have any other ideas about what I could add?

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