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Make This Easy DIY Bead and Tassel Garland

Home DIY Jan 25, 2019

It’s all in the details, right?

I’ve been looking for a few decor pieces to add to Frankie’s gallery wall as details, and thought a beaded garland would be perfect. Turns out this easy DIY bead and tassel garland is a really versatile piece because you can hang it on the wall, drape it on shelves or use it to hang things off. Perfect!

The wooden beads we used here are 2 cm diameter, and the tassels are 3cm in length.


We didn't want the tassels to be squashed in between the beads and appear even shorter than they already are, so we added some gold hoops for them to hang from. This step is optional though. 



Begin threading the beads onto the string. A quick way to do this is to use a folded piece of wire and use it as a threading guide.


You'll be able to thread several beads at once if you use a longer piece of wire. This trick will work on the tassels as well.


Alternate between threading the beads and tassels as you go along. 


We used a tassel and some glue on the end so that the beads don't slide off.


Attach removable wall hooks onto the wall you'd like to hang the decoration from.You'll need at least two hooks for both ends of the decoration.




Let us know your thoughts!

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