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Five DIY's For The Plant Lover

Home DIY Feb 1, 2019

3 Easy Planter Ideas

One thing that’s avoided the January declutter is my plant collection. Because when it comes to plants, more is more!

I could go on and on about the benefits of plants, but I think you guys know well enough how much they can improve not only the aesthetics of a space, but the atmosphere and air quality. There are so many reasons to have plant in your space! And because its almost the weekend, I thought it would be good to share a few DIY projects that you could do this weekend to plantify your life. Read on for more!


Every plant needs a good home, which is where a creative planter comes in. Nice plant post can be expensive to collect, which is where different takes on planters are useful – baskets, leather hangers and canvas bags all make for great, easy to make planters! Scroll down for some ideas and projects to inspire you.

Leather Hanging Planter | Scalloped Painted Pots | DIY Pumpkin Planter | DIY Rope Planter | Structural Planters | Planter Ideas 

Leaf Projects

Keen to bring the outside in but don’t want to commit to lots of indoor plants? Leaves can be a great alternative, particularly if you forage some from your garden – cheap and cheerful!

DIY Leaf Hair Comb | Leaf Wreaths

Plants as Decor

Plants don’t just have to be for aesthetics, sometimes they can play a pivotal role in the whole room. Like this vintage bath turned table. This one’s perfect for the weekend!

Hanging Plant Centerpiece | DIY Plant Shelf | DIY Hanging Baskets | Planter Ideas


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