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Question: What should I make with these fabrics? European Summer edition!

DIY Fashion May 27, 2019

Hey guys! I’ve been itching to get making and I wanted you guys to come along for the ride…

After staying at home for most of the year during 2018 (giving birth is sure to dampen your travel plans!) I’m excited that we’ve finally booked a European summer trip. To say I’m a little scared of travelling 18 hours with a one year old (and the ensuing jet lag) is the understatement of the century, but you know what they say, no pain no gain right?

We looked at so many destinations but in the end couldn’t pass up some island time in Spain… It’s really one of our favourite places to visit! As I’ve mentioned before, trips such as these inspire me to get creative, and I have to say, pressing confirm on our seaside Airbnb got my creative juices flowing!  I mean, it’s impossible to go on a summer trip without over thinking (or over making) the wardrobe. Which is why, dear readers, I am once again going to enlist you to help me decide what to make for the trip!

The Inspiration

At the moment I’m feeling so inspired by lots of drama, pattern and colour. I’m done with minimalism for now! Which is such a relief, although I’m aware that statement pieces such as these don’t get worn as much as more simple pieces, but I feel it’s ok to splash out now and again. Right now I’m really inspired by the designs of Johanna Ortiz and Lee Mathews, with lots of volume and flounce, but using sheer fabrics so that you still have a good silhouette.

The fabrics

I have to admit that the ink wasn’t even dry on my credit card slip before I was rummaging at my local fabric markets, finding the perfect silks to go with my straw bags and oversized earrings. The fabric market I go to is amazing because all their fabrics are end of roll – meaning they are dead stock and would otherwise end up in landfill… Not only are they incredible fabrics, you can buy them virtually guilt free!

The Ideas

This time I went to the fabric markets with a bit of an idea in mind for what I wanted – sheer silks! After I bought the fabrics, I very quickly pulled some inspiration (above) that has been floating around my Pinterest boards for some time now. And got to work on some ideas.

A sheer silk wrap skirt I love the idea of a sheer silk skirt worn over a black swimsuit, or over a slip for when you’re going out!

A tiered dress The bigger and more dramatic the design the better right now, which is why I love tiered styles. They’re not easy to sew, particularly with silk, but they are so pretty!

A bell sleeve voluminous crop top Voluminous crop tops are on my radar, with big sleeves and cinched in at the waist using a gathered hem. This feels pretty doable!

A ruffled skirt More is more, and ruffles are the perfect piece for a fancy holiday wardrobe.


So guys! I would absolutely love to hear what you think I should make… Basically forget any rule you’ve heard about what to wear when you travel with a baby – it’s my holiday and I’ll stain my floaty silk dress if I want to! But seriously, any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your help!

Inspiration imagery via Johanna Ortiz, Lee Mathews, Atlantic Pacific.


Let us know your thoughts!

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