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Five DIYs for An Organised Closet!

Home DIY Jul 29, 2019

An organised closet is the holy grail, but let’s be honest, it can be impossible to achieve.

I myself am chronically messy, and have spent much of my life discarding clothes on the floor and moving on. But not anymore! In the last year I have committed to being organised and clutter free. It’s been a challenge to say the least. What’s helped is a few nifty DIY closet hacks that are aimed at giving you more storage and helping you be your best organised self. There’s still a way to go for me but I’m getting there. Read on for five DIYS to try.

Hat Wall

If you guys know me at all you know I am absolutely addicted to hats. I’ve tried to temper my love but alas, I cannot. What’s needed therefore is a good way to store them so they don’t get completely crushed. Enter, this easy hanging hat wall. As pretty as it is functional!

Make this hat wall

The Ladder Organiser

I have so much enthusiasm for ladders used in decor, they offer a series number of storage options. But making your own ladder out of wood isn’t that easy, so this leather one is a great option!

Make this leather closet organiser

The Shoe Ladder

Speaking of ladders, if you have an old wooden one lying around already, why not convert it into a set of shelves. Perfect for shoe storage!

Make the ladder shoe shelf

The Pantry Cabinet Closet

Keen for a complete wardrobe overhaul? I’m sure you will remember the wardrobes we made out of kitchen cabinets in our renovation. These have been such an amazing addition to our house, and were surprisingly easy to install!

Make these wardrobes!

A Wooden Coat Rack

If you’re renting and need to be careful about what you put on your walls, a standing coat rack can often be a useful addition to your bedroom. This one is crazy easy to make and only requires a few materials!

Make this easy coat rack

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