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Make this DIY Hanging Floral Installation

DIY Projects Nov 27, 2019

Hey guys! I’m excited to bring you another beautiful post from one of my team, Lillie Helms.

Lillie has been my right hand lady in Brisbane for a while now, helping me to style and shoot the imagery that you see here on Collective Gen. We’ve been obsessed with dried flowers, and trying to integrate them into everything we can. Lillie’s boyfriend is a farmer, and she never fails to deliver on the dried stems front. I’ll be sharing a shoot soon for our foraged and dried Christmas table! In the meantime, Lillie made this dried floral installation and I knew you guys would love it. Read on for the how to.


  • Cotton
  • Wheat
  • Roses
  • Floristry foam
  • String
  • Something to hang arrangement on while making (I choose an upside down bar stool)

How to

  1. First, soak the floristry foam in a bucket of water so the foam is filled with water or your fresh flowers will die. By using roses I’ve made sure they dry nicely though.
  2. Next put a hole through the floristry foam (I used a screwdriver, weird but effective) and then thread the string through the hole and out the other side and hang on something. I used a not so glamorous bar stool but anything will do (as long as you can see underneath the arrangement and all sides).
  3. Cut all cotton stems to be the same length, which will ensure your arrangement looks even and circular. If you want a more wild looking arrangement you can skip this step.
  4. Now onto the arranging. I started first with the cotton stems, placing them around the foam. Once done I placed individual cotton fibres that had fallen off the stems around the foam which gives a much nicer overall effect!
  5. Next, the wheat. I was pretty excited to be using the wheat because I watched it being planted, and now I’m using it in an arrangement. I again cut the wheat to be all the same length so it looked even all the way round and placed them around the arrangement.
  6. Finally, it’s time for the fresh flowers. I picked these roses from my mother’s garden, but you can get nice cheap roses at the supermarket. Place your roses around the arrangement.
  7. Finally, hang your arrangement from a hook in the ceiling.



Make sure to check out Lillie’s IG where she shares tales of interiors, farm and home life.


Let us know your thoughts!

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