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Making A Rendered Lamp Using Plant Pots

Home DIY Aug 5, 2021

I’ve wanted a sculptural lamp for a while, and recently got an idea in my head about how I could create it.

I’m really into all sorts of sculptural shapes at the moment, and have been working on an idea for creating a lamp rather than spending up big on one. Enter, this stacked pot lamp. I used grout to make it into one sculptural piece and I think it worked rather well. I’m still looking for a larger lampshade for it!

You need

  • 5 x pots (you can use plastic or terracotta)
  • Ready made grout
  • Glue
  • A lamp kit of puck light
  • A lampshade

How to

Something I learnt when I made this is that the final lamp does ten to be quite heavy. It is quite stable but if you are worried about it tipping over, I suggest first filling the base pot with cement.


Start by taking your first pot and placing it face down, and then adding glue on top to cover the base.


Stack the next pot on top and add more glue to seal them together.


Keep going until you have stacked all the pots up.


This is what the stacked pots should look like. Allow the glue to dry.


Using grout or plaster, completely cover the outside of the pots, using your hands or a paster applicator to create smooth strokes around the pots. Allow to dry.


To add your lighting, you can either attach a lamp kit, or you can use a puck light for an easy alternative.


Add your lampshade on top, you can glue it or balance it on depending on your preference.



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