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Mirror Series: How To Make a Daisy Mirror

Home DIY Jun 17, 2022

Another day another mirror DIY in my series, but I’m not complaining!

I love creating something cool out of only a few materials and this Daisy Mirror is such fun little project. The result is the sweetest mirror. I know it would look so cute in Frankie’s room but she might have to fight me for it. This DIY is really made up of two main materials, the Bunnings round mirror and round wooden placemats. A little bit of glue and paint and you have yourself a daisy mirror.

materials you need

How to make a daisy mirror

  1. Begin by laying out the placemats around the mirror to make sure you have the right amount and you know how you need to space them out. I used 11 for mine.
  2. Once you know you have what you need, you can give the placemats a coat of paint. I coated mine twice to give a good coverage. I decided on white for this mirror but you could use any colour you like.
  3. Once the paint is dry, lay the mirror face down and place the placemats around the edge again. Then lift them up one by one a glue them down. Leave until completely dry. A little note about gluing onto mirror – This mirror has a plastic coating on the back so I was able to use liquid nails however if it didn’t, I would need to use a neutral cure glue so it didn’t erode the reflective coating on the back of the mirror.
  4. I wanted something on the back to hang my mirror on the wall so I cut a small section of rope and generously glued the ends onto the back using liquid nails. I’m sure there are some other options in regards to this but I found this worked really well for me.


And since that turned out so well, I just had to try another one! This time with an oval and some pink petals. I used the same wooden circles, these ones are technically coasters, you can find them here.

Check out some of the other mirrors I’ve DIY’d recently – Stone Mirror, Wavy Standing Mirror and the Travertine Mirror


This post was done in collaboration with Bunnings.


Let us know your thoughts!

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