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My 3 Favourite Paint Hacks

Home DIY Sep 16, 2022

Paint is probably my most used DIY tool of them all – I use it nearly everyday.

Since making my paint storage cabinet which I covered with swatches of my most loved paints (it’s been so handy!) I got to thinking about other painting hacks that seem like second nature to me but maybe not to others. So today I wanted to share my top 3 painting hacks that have always helped me during any painting projects!

1. Paint Your Lids

Any time I get a new paint colour I always make sure to paint a few strokes of that colour directly on top of the paint pot lid. I know that some hardware stores do this and it’s so helpful. This helps me so much when trying to find the colour I’m looking for, and it saves you from having to open each pot and stir up the paint to make sure its the right colour or shade you’ve been looking for. It’s been a major time saver for me.

2. Paint Swatches

Something I have found to be very handy when choosing colours for a project is to have a collection of paint swatches on a regular A4 piece of paper with the name of the paint colour written down in the corner. This saves me from having to swatch or test colours every time I do a project. I can just pull out my box of swatches, tape them on the wall and figure out what palette I’m wanting. I also love doing it this way because I can see how the paint colours look in different lighting and against other colours in my home.

3. Mixing Colours

Sometimes in order to get the exact colour for a project I have in my head, I need to mix a couple of paint colours to get it! I know this can seem a little scary at first because what if you don’t get the exact colour you’re wanting? But by starting small and combining an equal amount of each paint into a small container will give you a good idea of what the colour will look like and you don’t have to worry about wasting much paint in the process.


I hope this has been helpful and that you’ve pick up a couple of hacks you didn’t already know If you’re looking for my information about painting then check out one of my other posts below!

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