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Making a Surf Shack Inspired Climbing Cubby

Home DIY Nov 9, 2022

There’s no better feeling than building something for someone else.

I recently teamed up with Bunnings to build a kids play set with a surf shack twist for a friend whose property was affected by the floods. Her husband is a keen surfer so it was nice to decorate it with the family in mind. Honestly this was a huge project but it was so fun to do and it was so challenging to DIY with another person it mind. I can’t wait to do more of this!

Materials you’ll need

How To Make This Kids Surf Shack


You'll need to start off by purchasing the base of your cubby. I got this one from Bunnings!


Then carefully follow the instructions to assemble the cubby. Andy (the dad!) kindly helped us to do this. Leave the rock climbing knobs and slide off as we will spray paint these before attaching. 


Once the cubby is assembled, paint the entire piece in your colour of choice. I found using a roller made this much easier. We used Delicious Mint from British Paints.


Next it was time to make the roof. I was looking to create a surf shack vibe, and finally found a reeded screen in the gardening department at Bunnings. Lay your reed screen out across the top of the cubby and staple along both sides to secure. 


I decided to build a swing to add to the cubby, this is totally option but I thought it would add a bit more fun to the structure! All you need to do is drill four holes through a sturdy piece of timber and thread through some thick rope, knotting the ends in place.


I hung up the swing on the middle beam.


Now it's time to spray paint the slide and rock climbing hand holds! Make sure to leave them long enough to fully dry before attaching them to the structure.


Now to decorate. Because I wanted to build on the surf shack theme, we got an old surfboard for $2 to use. The girls wanted me to paint it pink so I did.


I then painted 'SURF SHACK' along the top half of the surfboard.


To finish off this sign, I asked my friends little girl if she wanted to make a hand print on it. She was so excited to help and I think it was the perfect finishing touch! 


After everything had fully dried, it was time to attach the slide and rock climbing knobs!




The little girls were SO excited to see the finished project and went straight to playing on it. Doing this project for this family filled my heart so much and it was just a lot of fun to make and made my own inner child very happy.

This project is in collaboration with Bunnings.

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