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Making A Globe Light Side Table

Home DIY Apr 30, 2024

Sometimes you just gotta go with your random ideas, you know?

This year I challenged myself to do more woodworking, and I got it in my head to make a side table using an inexpensive globe light from Ikea, it’s the ‘Ikea Fado Table Lamp’. I used my Bosch tools including a jigsaw and detail sander to make this, and after a bit of maths it was soooo easy to make! I seriously love this and it gives so much character to a space.

What you’ll need

You can use the code ‘GENEVASDIYTOOLS’ at the above Bosch links to get a 15% discount!

How to make a globe light side table


The light is made using two U shaped pieces of timber. Start by marking 5cm up from the bottom of the piece of timber, and then drawing the circle to match the size of the globe lamp. You can use a piece of string and a pencil to do this, I found a plate that matched in size and used that.


Then, draw straight lines up the sides to create that U shape and then cut that out using the jigsaw. You need to cut out two of these matching U shapes and then cut one in half. My pieces were about 45cm in height.


Cut a round circle for the top, this one is 32cm in diameter.


Now that all the cutting is done, stain each of the pieces of wood and let dry. I chose to also finish with a coat of varnish to seal in the stain. 


You can now use the wood glue to attach those two pieces of cut U shape onto the centre of the other intact U shape.


Let the wood glue dry completely before touching. Once dry, put the globe into place from the top.


Now you can glue the circle onto the top.


Once it's dry you're all done!


This project is in collaboration with Bosch.

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