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DIY Weekly - Crystal Ring

DIY Fashion Jan 13, 2011

Lately I have been attracted to rough rocks and crystals (not sure which category this stone falls into. The lovely MJ of Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres has let me know that the stone I have is Muscovite)  I dug around at the market near my house and found one that took my fancy, and then made a cool rough stone ring by gluing the rock to a silver ring base. Could.Not.Be.Easier. I used basic adhesive – I looked for some that would dry with a bit of give so there is less likelihood of it cracking and breaking. I have worn it for one day with no issue so hopefully the glue will hold.
How to:
1. Get your chosen rock, ring base and glue together.
2. Choose the flat side of the rock as the underside,  and add some glue. Wait for it to dry a little so it becomes tacky.
3. Press the ring base onto the glue.
4. Add some more glue around and on top of the base of the ring so that it holds better.
5. Let it dry overnight or however long it says on the glue. Viola!
Pretty easy huh? And at the total cost of about $4 I am definitely not complaining. If you don’t have a market near you, you can always buy the rocks/crystal online.

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