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DIY Weekly - Sheer Black Maxi Skirt

DIY Fashion Jan 23, 2011

I recently did a second DIY using the simple maxi tutorial I used for the Jil Sander one here.  I used a sheer black fabric to make this one and it turned out really nicely. You can’t see how transparent it is in the photos below, but work it with a bodysuit (if you dare) or a bodycon mini skirt or lace trimmed mini shorts underneath. Alternately you can belt a slouchy knit over the top.

Here’s how to make your own. You need 2m of sheer fabric, 2cm wide elastic and a needle and thread.
1. Iron and pin down the edge of one of the long sides, this is where the elastic waist band will go.

2. Sew along this edge about 3cm back from the fold (I hand sewed but you can def use a machine if you have one)
3. Measure and cut the elastic to fit your waist.
4. Push the elastic through the waistband that has been made in the skirt, gathering and creating the pleat as you go. I attached the end of the elastic to a long bobby pin and used that to push it through.
5. Once all the fabric has been gathered onto the elastic, sew the elastic together to create the waistband. You can see I temporarily pinned the elastic with a safety pin before sewing it as that made it easier.
6. Sew the tube of fabric together down the short edge which will be sitting like a split all the way up the skirt.
7. Finally, hem the skirt.

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