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DIY Spiked Bracelet

DIY Fashion Mar 3, 2012

[Part two of DIY spike week] I’ve had a thing for studs for the last couple of year, and have also recently taken a liking to spikes. I’ve seen some beautiful studded and spiked accessories on the runway in the last few months, and decided it was time I had a go at making some studded pieces myself. I used a tan leather bracelet as the base for this project as I thought it might be a little more subtle and feminine than black.
You need:

or buy a complete studding kit here.
How to:
1. Lay your bracelet on a flat surface and line up it with the ruler, marking where you want the spikes to sit.
2. Balance your studs on the bracelet to check how they will look once they are attached, add or remove studs to suit your taste.
3. Using the hole punch choose a size that matches the size of the screws and then punch all the holes where you marked.
4. Push the screws through the hole.
5. Twist the spike onto the screw, and then repeat with the rest of the spikes.
6. Finally use the screwdriver to tightly screw the spikes onto the bracelets, making sure that they are flush with the leather of the bracelet.
And voila! Too easy right?
Although there can be a risk that spiked bracelets like this can come across a little masculine, I think when paired with fine gold jewelry and an outfit that includes lilac wide leg trousers, spiked bracelets like these work perfectly.
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