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DIY Scarf Print Shorts

DIY Fashion Apr 11, 2012

With Coachella and a whole number of other summer festivals on the horizon,  your thoughts are probably turning to festival outfit planning, and how you can get your ‘pocahontas goes to burning man‘ look down pat.   I’ve been lusting for a pair of scarf print shorts for agessss (remember this post?) and have decided that they are to be my uniform for this year’s festivals. I’ve been seeing them everywhere in stores actually, but what’s better than when they’re quick and cheap to make yourself?  I mean, surely we don’t want to be wearing our nice, expensive digs when we sit in mud (guaranteed to happen) or have sweaty men rub up against us in the crowds (if we’re lucky). These simple scarf print shorts are perfect festival get up. So get amongst it!

You need:
– A cotton or silk style scarf – mine was a big one from H&M
– Elastic to fit around your waist
– A pen
– Thread
– A ruler
– Sewing pins
– Craft paper
– a pair of shorts to trace the pattern.

I recommend using a sewing machine for this project but if you are really super keen you could probably do it by hand also. Don’t have a machine? Beg, borrow or steal – this project is worth it! Also – if you have a selvedger you should use that to finish the edges, but I don’t and was happy with a rough look. They’re for jumping up and down at festivals right?

1. First make the pattern by folding your shorts in half (front pockets on the outside) and then tracing them onto the craft paper. Look at you making patterns and stuff! So fancy!

2. Your pattern should look like this. Now add 2 cm (approx 1 in) to the bottom and sides of the pattern, and 4 cm (approx 1.5in) to the top (ie waistband) of the pattern.

3. Cut your pattern out.

4. Fold your fabric in half, keeping in mind where you want your scarf pattern to sit. I would have liked to line the pattern up at the front with two right angles of pattern on each side of the shorts but I had first time jitters and went with the patterned hem instead.

5. Pin the long straight edge of the pattern along the fold.

6. Cut out the fabric along the pattern.

7. Now cut out another piece of fabric using the pattern so you have two identical pieces.

8. Pin the two pieces together right sides facing each other.

9. Sew the fabric with a straight stitch along the two curved edges – following the pin line shown below. You want to be quite careful how you sew these pieces together because you want your pattern to match up perfectly. Note that this seam will be the front seam of your shorts and the most important place for the pattern to match up.

10. Fold the shorts in together so the two sewn seams are facing each other. Then sew around the crotch where you can see the pins in the picture below.

11. Make the elasticated waistband by pinning the waistband down a few cm, sewing with a straight stitch and then threading with elastic. I squeeze my elastic onto a knitting needle to make it easier. Then sew the elastic  ends together and then sew the waistband shut.

12. Finally, finish all the raw edges with a zigzag stitch to reduce fraying and stop the shorts from splitting.And there you have it! Possibly the easiest sewing project to do in the world – I actually first learnt it in Hom Ec in year 8. Once you have the process down pat go crazy experimenting with colours, textures and embellishments. If you want your shorts to be more full than mine ie with more fabric in them, make the pattern wider in the waistband by but keep the length the same.

Have fun!

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