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DIY Dip-Dye Side Split Maxi Skirt

DIY Fashion Jun 22, 2012

Dip dyeing is so addictive, it’s amazing I haven’t dip dyed everything I own. I made this maxi a little while ago by dying some gorgeous white silk and then making a maxi skirt out of it, I  chanelled a little bit of sass & bide by giving the skirt two large side splits.
Here’s a rundown on how I did it.
You need:
– around 2 m of white silk
– pink dye
– a bucket
– salt
– elastic and a needle and thread (or sewing machine) to sew the skirt
How to:
1. Hang – Fold your fabric in half and hang it on a clip hanger.
2. Dip – Using the dying method I showed you here (link to, dip the fabric in a few different concentrations of dye, the lightest first graduating down the a more concentrated pink at the bottom of the skirt to get the ombre look.
3. Dry – Leave the fabric to dry and then machine wash it to set the dye.
4. Sew – Finally, make a simple elasticated waistband maxi skirt out of the fabric using the process I showed you here ( – but this time make a front and a back panel and leave the side seams open for your desired split length.

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