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DIY Cone Stud Bracelet

DIY Fashion Jun 27, 2012

I’ve been wanting to make myself a cone stud bracelet for so long, and recently got my hands on some of these metal stud beads in my local craft store. I knew straight away what I was going to make out of them!

On a side note, I admit I may have over-neoned myself recently so I love that this clutch has just a hint of neon yellow, which is perfect worked with a simple black and white outfit. But for those of you worried you’ve seen the last of DIY neon goodness from me – dont worry, I’ve got a few neon projects up my sleeves that I’m sure you’ll see soon!

Wearing: DIY Cone Stud Bracelet,  Poupee Couture clutch from Boticca, Lace shorts designed by me, DIY Midriff top, Tony Bianco Heels, Nick Campbell Sunglasses

You need: 

1. Thread one of the clamp beads onto the elastic.

2. Using the beading plyers, clamp the bead down so it acts as a knot at the end of the elastic.

3. Thread the studded beads onto the other end of the elastic and work them towards the clamped end.

4. Continue with all the beads.

5. Once all the beads are on, put the other clamp bead onto the end of the elastic and clamp shut.

6. Now take the two ends of elastic and tie them in a knot tightly – double knot it to be sure.

8. Use scissors to trim the end of the elastic.

Et Voila! Super simple and perfect for stacking amongst all your other jewelry.

Outfit details at the top of the post.

This bracelet recently featured on Buzzfeed where …Love Maegan and I made metal arm candy pieces. Fun!


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