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DIY Mara Hoffman Inspired Miniskirt

DIY Fashion Jun 5, 2012

Ever since I posted a few weeks ago about Mexican blankets (sarape/zarape/serape) being a massive summer inspiration for me, my mind has been in overdrive working out what to make out of my own rug. I finally settled on a simple bodycon mini skirt with a side zip, something which will be perfect for summer! For this project I channeled one of my favourite designers, Mara Hoffman, and specifically this amazing pair of shorts I have wanted ever since I saw them last year.

You need: 

  • A Mexican blanket (mine was a table runner!)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • An invisible zip
  • A sewing machine and thread
  • A skirt to use as the pattern (use one that matches the stretch of your fabric – this blanket fabric was quite stiff so I used a leather skirt)

Steps after the jump!

How to:
1. Cut the blanket in half to make two pieces. Place your mini skirt on top of the two pieces of blanket, ensuring you have a horizontal stripe, and mark with a pen – adding a generous few inches around the edge for the seam.

2. Trim the tassels off the blanket if there are any. Following the pen mark, cut the skirt panels out of the fabric, trying to line up the stripes of the two panels as much as possible.

3. Iron the two panels so they are flat. Pin and sew the first side seam an  inch in from the edge of the fabric.
4. You will then be inserting the invisible zip into the other side seam using a pretty simple method. First stitch the side seam using a long stitch, and then iron the seam open on the inside. Pin the zip into the seam with the right side of the zip facing the seam. Sew the edges of the zip to the seam. Using a seam ripper, open outside of the seam to reveal the zip. Reinforce the rest of the side seam using a shorter stitch.
5. Open the zip and try on the skirt, making sure that it fits you properly and that you can get in and out of the skirt. Finally, the last thing to do is to finish off the waistband and the hem. To do this, roll the fabric over and then pin and sew the edges using a straight stitch. Make sure for the waistband you fold the fabric over the zip carefully so as to finish it properly.

And there you have it! This is actually a very simple skirt process that can be made from any fabric you choose. After wearing it a few times I actually added a few darts into the back of the waistband so it sat a little tighter on my hips – everyone is different so just tailor it to your figure. I’ll be answering questions in the comments section so feel free to fire away if you want further info on how to make this.

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