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DIY Fluted hem Skirt

DIY Fashion Aug 29, 2012

I fell in love with fluted hem skirts ages ago –  to me they feel like a feminine and more subtle take on your standard bodycon skirt, and this one was surprisingly simple to make!

 Wearing: DIY fluted hem skirt, Zara singlet, Tony Bianco heels, Karen Walker sunglasses, DIY Upper finger rings, Boticca initial necklace.

You need:
– 2 metres (approx 2.5 yards) of linen or cotton fabric (something stiff is better for the flare of the hem – although linen creases easily).
– A zip (use a invisible one if you can find one in the right shade)
– Pins
– Cotton matching your fabric
– A sewing machine

To make this skirt you are going to create two sections – the top section which is basically the top half of a bodycon skirt, and the bottom section which is a mini circle skirt (similar to the one I did here). You will then attach these two sections together.

How to:
1. Take a skirt you own that fits well and trace the top half onto your fabric (which is folded over so you are creating two identical pieces). Cut those pieces out.

2.  Pin those two pieces together on one side.

3. Now pin the zip into the other side. Do this by pinning the bottom part of the seam together, and then inserting the zip in with the fabric right side up.  You want the folded fabric of the seam to meet over the top of the zip so you can’t see it.

4. This is what your top section should look like.

5. To make the flared section, take a square of fabric and fold it in half and then fold it again. Cut out following the diagram below.

6. To work out what the radius should be, use a measuring tape to work out the length around the hem – I just did it flat and then doubled that number but you can also go all the way around with the tape.

7. You then want to cut a circle that is the same size as the length of the hem. This can be tricky so always make the circle smaller than needed at first so you can make it bigger if needbe. To check the length, go around the circle with the measuring tape and make sure it matches the hem of the skirt. Then, hang the circle you have made over a coat hanger for a day so that the circle can fall properly – this will prevent a wonky hem (not absolutely essential but useful if you have the time).

8. Cut open one side of the circle which you will match with one of the side seams (the one with the zip preferably).

9. Pin the two parts together, making sure the seam is on the inside.

10. Finish the skirt off by sewing everything – the two sections together and the side seam of the flared section, the zip (see here for how to do it), and finally the waistband and hem. I did a simple turned over waistband and hem. Make sure to do a zig zag stitch to finish the edges prior to sewing so you don’t get too much fraying.
11. In addition, if the top of the skirt needs taking in to fit your waist better (and this will depend on your body shape) make some darts in the back before sewing the waistband. Finish the skirt up with a really good iron!  Although this took me a few hours to make, I can so see myself making some more.
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