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DIY Double Pom-Pom Beanie

DIY Fashion Nov 7, 2012

Winter can be a depressing season for dressing, with our outfits often consisting of multiple layers topped off with dark coloured outwear, leaving only a little room for standing out from the crowd. This winter, why not add some pom poms to a simple beanie to have a little fun while also keeping those ears warm? The black and white is an ode to my love of pandas (those dopey and yet loveable creatures that eat bamboo all day and are only fertile one day a year) but you can use any combination of colours you like, or keep it simple with plain black for more of a simple black bear inspired look.

You need:
– 2 extra large wool pom poms
– A beanie (this one is H&M)
– Black cotton
– A large needle

1. Thread your needle and make a large knot at the end.

2. Decide where you want to put the pom poms, you will probably need to try the beanie on to decide. I placed my equal distance apart from the top centre of the beanie.


3. Going from the underside, secure the thread by sewing straight through a thick piece of wool and then securing by making a few stitches.

4. Push through the centre of the pom pom.


5. Stitch through to the inside of the beanie and then repeat this process to ensure that the pom pom is securely attached to the beanie.
6. Knot off the back thread on the inside of the beanie, making sure to do some final securing stitches.


7. Sew on the second pom pom in the same way, making sure the pom pom is symmetrical to the first one, unless you want then lop sided (which is also cute).


Voila! Super simple and such a great way to have a little fun this winter! Trust me, if this hat doesn’t crack a smile out of the suits wearing bankers sitting all around you on your commute to work or school, nothing will!
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