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DIY Shourouk Inspired pvc & Rhinestone Necklace

DIY Fashion Nov 20, 2012

The holiday season is in full swing and over the next couple of weeks I’m looking forward to sharing with you loads of super fun DIY projects which will get you through the party season looking and feeling super chic. Get ready for sequins, rhinestones, paillettes and so much holiday sparkle! First up? A necklace fit for a party queen. Inspired by the amazing Shourouk pieces I’ve been seeing everywhere, I had some rhinestones left over from my embellished duffle bag and decided to make my own version. Read on to see how (you’ll be surprised how easy it is).

You need:
– Some rhinestones, I used Swarovski ones which are gorgeous
– A square of transparent PVC
– E6000 glue
– A large clasp
– Jump rings
Beading plyers
– A needle and thread
– Paper
– A pen or pencil

1. Start by drawing up the template for your necklace.

2. Cut your template out.

3. Your template should look like this, or really any shape you want.

4. Stick the template to the PVC piece and cut it out.

5. This is what it should look like.

6. Lay out your design on the table.

7. Put some glue on a piece of paper.

8. Starting at the bottom, put some glue onto the rhinestones using a skewer or toothpick.

9. Press the rhinestones onto the pvc, working your way upwards and copying the pattern on the table.

10. This is what it should look like when you are done. Let it dry overnight.


11. Once it is dry, thread your needle and then fold the top edges of the pvc over to create loops for the chain. Sew it down with one or two stitches and then glue another rhinestone over the top of the stitch to hide it.

12. Thread two pieces of chain through each plastic loop and then attach the lobster clasps to one side and close the other side of chain with a jump ring.

This is the perfect piece for a party, worn with a chic outfit of black wrap skirt, simple grey marl or cream tee and killer heels!
Wearing: DIY Necklace and A Boy Named Sue sweat shirt. (I can’t wait to show you the gorgeous holiday video I shot yesterday using this sweater!). Thanks Sam for the photos!

Next on my list of transparent projects to tackle? This amazing bag!

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