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DIY Potted Succulent

Home DIY Dec 12, 2012

When it comes to gifts, I’m big on giving things I’d like to receive myself. I’m such a sucker for succulents, and who doesn’t love a living breathing present, without the commitment associated with giving a puppy. To me, this sort of gift says so much, and is so affordable – you can give one to everyone you know!

You need:
A succulent plant
Potting mix suited to succulents (usually quite coarse)
A cute pot, make sure if has a drainage hole in the bottom. I picked these up for $1 from a local market.

How to:
1. To remove the succulent from the pot, carefully turn it upside down. If the succulent is spiky, use a tea towel to stop it pricking you. Shake the plant out.

2. Loosen up the roots slightly but be careful not to tear them. The more roots you break the less chance your plant has of surviving the repotting so be gentle here.

3. Put some soil into the bottom of the new pot.


4. Press the plant into the pot and then use a spoon to firmly push potting mix down the sides of the pot and onto the roots. Pack the soil firmly. With most plants you water them heavily once you replant them but just water this a little once you have repotted as you don’t want to drown your succulent.

Voila! Add a cute tag and a few nice words, a simple gift that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your friends/mothers/sisters/aunts/boyfriends/cats/teachers face.

What DIY gifts will you be giving this year?

Tags Christmas Garden Gifts

Let us know your thoughts!

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