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DIY Travel Wishing map

Home DIY Dec 3, 2012

The holiday season is usually booked up with so many events and parties that they go past in a boozy blur. But what makes a truly memorable event? Food and drink is an obvious one, but I think it’s more than that. For me it’s about activities, parties that have unique and interesting things to do are always the ones you remember. Remember slip n slide parties as a ten year old? Best. Parties. Ever. It seems our parents managed to fill birthdays to the brim with fun things to do, and while this might have been a product of their mortal fear of having 25 bored children on their hands (if you google kids party games you will see how desperate people are to tire their children out), it usually meant fun levels off the Richter scale. So there’s no reason why this year, your holiday party shouldn’t have a few activities for people to get involved in. I was recently involved in my friend MISCHA‘s anniversary party and in addition to photo booth complete with insane costumes we created this gorgeous Travel Wishing Map, or wanderlust map, where people were asked to put on a tag where they dreamed of travelling to in 2013 and pin it to the board. What can I say? It made us feel as though we’d achieved something (other than just inhaling 6 glasses of wine), and got us all thinking about our plans for next year. To make your own version, all you need is a large map, mounted onto some cork or foam sheeting, as well as some tags with pins to attach them to the map. Simple!
Initially I wanted to put Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, until one of my friends pointed out that I could do that next weekend (cheap and quick flight from HK) and it was a waste of a wish, so I put decided up a month in South America (as well as Tokyo in cherry blossom season, Cebu, Berlin and a million other places!).

And so the question remains, where do you want to travel to in 2013? I would love to hear!

Images: Taken at MISCHA‘s 4th Anniversary Party

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