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DIY Studded Cape

DIY Fashion Feb 22, 2013

For those of you who were in the ‘this is ridiculous’ camp on the subject of wearing your jacket as a cape, today I bring you… cape as cape! And for that matter, DIYed.  For those lovely people out there who bought my book, you’ll recognise this as a different take on the DIY Blanket Cape within its pages. When I was designing the projects to go into my book I wanted to make sure they were endlessly versatile and adaptable so you could update your wardrobe with DIY when the seasons or trends change – the cape project is the perfect example. Use any colour or type of material (heavier in winter and lighter in the warmer months) and embellish with trims, studs or lace for an instant update to a classic. Company Magazine in the UK recently asked me to make this for them as part of a DIY feature in this month’s magazine, so if you happen per chance to live upon that fair isle, get thee to a newsagent to see said tutorial in printed form!

You need:

1.   Fold the blanket twice into a square. Away from the folded edges, cut a semi circle of fabric to create the rounded edge of the cape.

2.   Open the circle up and cut a rounded neck hole.

3. For the top layer, cut from the middle of the neck hole out to the outer edge. Then (and this is optional) cut foot long armholes in the front of the cape with your scissors.

4. Take your studs and press them into the fleece down the front of the opening of the cape.

5. To secure the studs, press the prongs in.

6. And then carefully press the prongs down.

7. Add studs around the neckline.

8. Add glue to the buckle.

9. Press the buckle onto the cape and leave to dry overnight.



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