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DIY Sheer hem Pencil Skirt

DIY Fashion Apr 30, 2013

With sheer layers being such a major trend for the coming summer, a couple of months ago I asked you how you would inject a bit of DIYed white freshness into your own wardrobe. I got so many great answers and ideas, and in the end decided to go with the most straight forward and minimalist concept – an elongated sheer hem on a thrifted white skirt (thanks Lauren!). In my mind the sheer elongated hem is a more fun version of the pencil skirt that says ‘I’m business, but not alllll business’, if you get what I mean.  This is such a simple project that I probably don’t need to post the actual steps, but for those of you who like to be walked through the process, I’ve given you the run-down below!

You need:

  • A white skirt  (linen or cotton works well). I got mine from a local secondhand store for a few dollars.
  • Some sheer white non-stretch fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine
  • Measuring tape

1. First, measure the the length all the way around the hem of your skirt. Then work out how wide you want your sheer panel, and then cut the sheer fabric at that width (plus two inches for the hem allowance at each side) to the length you measured (ie the length around the hem).

2. You may have to cut two panels to sew together. If this is the case make sure the seams are cut and attached in line with the seams of the skirt.

3. Turn the hem of the sheer fabric twice and then iron and sew down. If you have two separate pieces, join them together.

4. Sew the hem on both long edges of the fabric so that it looks like the piece below.

5. Pin the piece of sheer fabric to the hem of the base skirt, matching up the seam join to either the back (if there is only one seam) or the sides (if there are two seams).

6. Sew the sheer piece down onto the skirt, sewing the seam together on the underside and ironing down flat. Finally, iron the whole skirt well.

And there you have it! I said it was simple didn’t I?

Wearing: DIY sheer hem white skirt, self designed pink silk singlet, Zara Heels, Mischa Bucket bag, Coach Watch

Thanks Andy for taking the pictures!


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