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DIY Veiled net Headband

DIY Fashion Oct 20, 2013

As many of you know, I love any event or time of the year that inspires a good DIY, and Spring racing carnival in Australia is no exception. While most people gravitate towards the sunshine or the champagne, for me it’s all about the headwear. To mark the beginning of the season, Witchery and I got together to craft a simple on-your-head option for raceday – as appropriate worn trackside as it would be if you prefer to celebrate at a long lunch instead. For this project I opted for a minimalist veiled headband, for those of you out there who like to keep it simple – perfect worn with a monotone outfit and a red lip.

You need:

1. a piece of netting fabric
2. a fabric headband
3. scissors
4. a needle
5. thread matching your headband

How to: 1. Start by putting the net across your face the way you would like it to sit. I chose to make mine slightly asymmetric but you can have it straight across if you like. Put the headband on top and using scissors trim the net around the edge of the headband. Then put the net down on the table and trim the net so the edges are neat.

2. Thread your needle and start sewing the edge of the net to the inside of the headband, starting about 4cm in from the end of the headband.

3. Continue all the way around and finish 4cm before the other end of the headband.

4. When you put the headband on you may notice that the veil sticks out from your face, simple use two bobby pins to secure the sides in your hair so it sits nice and flat across your face.


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