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DIY Strapped bra top

DIY Fashion Oct 16, 2013

I’ve been obsessing over strapped swimwear and bras for ages now, and recently took a moment to create a style of my own. I was inspired by lots of designer versions out there but in particular this one. Such a simple update to a triangle bra!

You need:

  • A triangle bra
  • elastic the same width as the straps on your bra
  • a needle and thread
  • scissors

1. Start by cutting your elastic into strips.

2. Put your bra on ( either yourself or on a mannequin) and start pinning the elastic on, stretching it slightly  (but not too uch, you don’t want it to dig in when you wear it) so you know how it will look on.

3. Create a simple criss cross shape. You can be as imaginative as you like here, adding as much elastic as you see fit.

4. Sew the elastic down using a needle and thread. For the back I simply tied it in a bow but you could use a snap or clip to secure it if you choose.

Voila! Admittedly the whole bra under blazer thing is a risqué ensemble for most of us – luckily it would also look great under a sheer top paired with a high waisted skirt. Party season wear at its best!

First and last images by Sabrina Sikora.


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