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DIY Burberry Inspired Jeweled Trench

DIY Fashion Oct 9, 2013

If there’s one thing Burberry does well it’s a trench coat. Not only have they perfected this iconic and staple piece of clothing, some how every season they’re able to reinvent the humble trench into something you’d never expect. Being a lover of all things shiny and bright, you can imagine that I was pretty happy to see the rhinestone embellished trenches that were part of the resort 14 collection, first brought to my attention by my friend Belen of Spanish blog Balamoda.

Here was our inspiration – the Burberry resort 14 collection.

You need:

  • a bunch of emerald rhinestones or a kit.
  • a trench coat (I picked this one up from a local thrift store for $20)
  • a needle and thread
  • glue
  • scissors

How to:

1.To add the rhinestones I glued and sewed them on so they were extra secure (you can just glue/sew only if you can’t be bothered doing both). So start by squeezing some glue onto a piece of paper.

2. Place some glue onto the back of the rhinestone.

3.  Press the rhinestone onto the pocket or under the collar of the trench and then use your needle and thread to sew into place.

4. Do this for all the rhinestones, gluing and sewing as you go.

5. I finished off by lining under the collar, so I could wear the collar up for a hint of bling and down for a more casual look.

Simple! I added a few tear drop ones at the end to round it out.

For a slightly different take on the rhinestone trench, make sure you check out Belen’s version! I’m absolutely loving the pretty floral designs she created using the pastel rhinestones.

My outfit photos taken by Sabrina Sikora


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