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DIY Off the Shoulder Top

DIY Fashion Jul 4, 2014

This summer I can’t help but notice the re-emergence of a simple off the shoulder silhouette.

After lusting over them online I realised (with glee) that this particular shape was incredibly easy to make, using a simple gathered waist skirt technique g I utilise so often (in literally everything!) because it’s just so easy. You can even make it by hand without a sewing machine like I did here if you so choose. As part of my week with Ferragamo, I recently tried my hand at this top, and will definitely be making a few more in a bunch of fabrics and styles. Read on to see how.


Wearing: J Crew hat, bag and flats, DIY shorts (from J Brand jeans), DIY necklace, Ferragamo sunglasses and watch

You will need around 2m (2.4 yards) for the cotton (or silk) fabric. For the elastic, cut it into three pieces to go around your bust and your arms. Although I made mine by machine, you can do it by hand too if you like similar to this.


Basically to make this you are literally going to make three gathered tubes of fabric, one big one for your top measuring from the top of your bra line to waist and two from your arms measuring from below the shoulder to the elbow. Then all you have to do it sew them together under the arm and voila!


Cut your fabric for your first big tube (for the body part).


Hem the bottom of the tube, then sew the top hem wide enough to pass your elastic through.


Sew down the long edge so you have a tube, making sure to leave the opening for the elastic.



Create two small tubes for your arms in exactly the same way and then iron well.



Your materials should look like this.



Using a stick of some sort, thread the elastic through the top seams. So the two arm sections separately and then using a light hand stitch, sew the arms to the top of the body, checking to see where they need to go by trying on the top. Once the top is finished, to create a heart shaped neckline, I simply pinned it to my strapless bra - a bit of simple DIY magic right there!


Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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Photos by Marion Tessier

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