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New York's West Village

Travel Oct 9, 2014

guide west village new york

No trip to New York is complete without a lazy day spent in the West Village, where all you’re required to do is eat, stop yourself having to re-mortgage at Diptyque and top it off with a glass of wine. Funnily enough, for me the West Village feels like a small pocket of respite in the middle of such a hectic city, with leafy streets and gorgeous ivy-covered brownstones. Just make sure to take a map with you, the grid layout you’ll have come to love North of 14th becomes a tangle of gorgeous, and yet bewildering, streets.

Get there

Take the A, C or E trains to 8th Avenue and 14th streets, which lands you in the north of the west village, from where you can easily make your way to Bleeker streets and begin your wandering.


The key to an amazing day in the West Village is to wander, finding all those cosy corners that make it interesting and delightful. We started on Bleeker Street, took a left at Christopher Street and wandered down until we got to Grove Street then walked back up Hudson, branching off to check out the side streets as we saw fit. Just get lost I say! Make sure end up at gorgeous Washington Square Park!


The major stores in the area are located on the top half of Bleeker Street where you’ll find a heap of high end fashion boutiques, Book Marc, Diptyque and lots of others to get excited about. Once you’ve had your fill of the more recognisable stores, wander a bit more to find

Eat & Drink

Wearing: Club Monaco jacket, top and shorts

Brunch at Tartine…

The ubiquitous white box

I have this thing with floors

Soda fountain shops that take me back to my days of reading Archie comics

It’s not possible to choose just one!

Addicted to the facades of the West Village

One of each please

Taking a load off

Sockerbit Treats

Make sure you take a friend along with you for your day off


Soda shoppe love

More perfect brunch spots


Shop Collective Gen


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