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DIY Gold Leaf Headband

DIY Fashion Oct 22, 2014

Looking for a failsafe look for your next soiree (whether it be the races or halloween)? Why not try a subtle nod to the excesses of ancient Greece with a creme dress, embellished flats and handmade gold headband. For me it’s comfort and elegance rolled into one easy to wear package and a style I reach for when in doubt.  Bring on the toga party! Sans major hangovers and loudmouth college guys. And guess what else? You’re actually going to be able to walk in those flats all day/night, which is the biggest plus of them all.


You will need:

A simple headband

Super glue

Gold leaf charms

A skewer for applying the glue

How to:

STEP 1: Put some glue onto a piece of paper.

STEP 2: Apply the glue directly to the individual gold leaves, and let dry for a few moments while the glue becomes tacky.

STEP 3: Once the glue is ready, press them onto the headband, overlapping the edges so that you create a continued leaf pattern.

STEP 4: Once you have covered the whole headband down to your ears, leave to dry overnight.


Now that you have your headband, pair it with a simple minimalist dress and strappy shoe with metallic detailing to compliment your gold leaves and to keep you comfortable and elegant all day long.

Photos by Marion Tessier

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