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Wardrobe Rehab: Holiday Season Updates

Style Dec 3, 2014

The best time of year is officially upon us! And no, I don’t mean the season of giving and spending time with family (sorry mum and dad). What I’m referring to is the party season – overflowing with opportunities to drink to excess, make out with co-workers and generally un-do all the good we’ve done attempting to appear professional and put together al year. Whether your plan is to be naughty or nice this party season, naturally you want to look good right? Right. Enter the ultimate holiday wardrobe, part off duty, part disco ball. It all comes down to how you mix the two together – my rule is to focus on one feature pieces (a sequin skirt, tulle skirt etc) and add other simple elements to your outfit.

Over the years I feel like I’ve accrued a number of pieces that always come out around this time of year, but it wouldn’t be a party season without adding a few new piece  – read on to see what (I feel like) you need in your closet holiday season.

Love the rack? Make yours with my tutorial here.

J Crew silk tank, DIY tulle skirt, Witchery Knit, DIY Sequin Skirt, Topshop lace dress, Kookai Trench, Thrifted silk dress, Dylan Kain bag, Whistles Mules, Mode Collective heels.

The lace dress

A nice fitting lace dress never (ever) gets old, and will no doubt become a second skin for you during the silly season. The best thing about a lace dress is that it’s one of those things you can throw on last minute and know it looks good! I picked mine up from a second hand store and did and little before & after (remember?), so that’s always an option (as is this skirt and this one). But if you feel like you’re running out of time see below for some of my favourites.

I really like this one or  this one or this one or this one or  this one.

The something sparkly

What other time of year can you dress like a christmas ornament and not be laughing stock (or at least a cause for raised eyebrows?). If dressing wearing something sparkly makes you feel a little nervous, one option is to pair your shiny item with simple separates and accessories – the addition of a textured knit will soften a sequin maxi skirt (like the one I made here!). Pick up something sparkly below:

This skirt from Topshop is lovely as is this one  or this one or this one or this one.

The tulle skirt

I recently created a tulle skirt (tutorial coming soon) and since I did I can’t believe I never owned one before. There’s nothing better than feeling just a little special this time of year, although I tend to pair mine with boots and a leather jacket most of the time to play down the princess diaries vibes.

I really like this one, this one and this one

The chunky knit

At this time of year I love pairing a leather skirt with a chunky textured knit and a oversized necklace, and the bonus with a knit is that it is perfect for those nights you decide to stay home (or maybe you’re so hungover from last night that you can’t leave the couch?).

Check out this one,  this onethis onethis one or this one.

Holiday heels

A little pair of heels that say ‘yes I’a ready to party’ are, some might say, an essential during the holiday season. If a new pair are out of the question, why no add a touch of sparkle a la DIY? See how to here (an old but favourite post!). Or maybe treat yourself:

Thesethesethese or  these are cute.

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