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DIY Hardware Clutch

My DIY Dec 5, 2014

There’s nothing better at this time of year than a statement bag at your side while you paint the town red (and gold!). We’ve noticed everywhere a trend towards statement accessories that have a certain off duty feel, and when we found these embellishments we knew it was time to create something of our own. It was seriously easy!

You need:

  • a black clutch
  • studded hardware pieces
  • piece of curb chain
  • 2 x large jump rings
  • glue
  • skewer
  • pliers

How to:

1. Using pliers open a large jump ring.

2. Attach the jump ring to one end of your chain.

3. Attach the jump ring and chain onto the middle section of the piece of hardware.

4. Attach the other piece of hardware and jump ring on the other end of the chain. This is going to be your feature piece.

5. Apply some glue to the back of one of the pieces of hardware.

6. Decide where you want the piece of hardware to go and stick it onto the front of the clutch.

7. Leave enough space for the chain to hang down nicely and glue the other piece of hardware onto the other side.

Et voila!

Outfit photos by Marion Tessier


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