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Restoring Our New (Old) Front Door

Home DIY Oct 27, 2023

We  have a new front door! I know, it feels like the end of an era but I have to say, I love the new look.

You all had so many strong feelings about how I should update our pink front door (keep it as is, paint it rainbow, create a new pattern on it) but sadly we recently had to replace it completely – the wood was completely warped. I wanted to stick to the 100+ year old roots of the door and house and happened to find one on Facebook Marketplace that I was able to update beautifully. Read on for more.


Just a note about staining outdoor wood! If the wood is quite weathered and grey, you can use Feast Watson Woodclean to clean it. Hose it down, scrub it with the Feast Watson Woodclean, and then rinse off thoroughly and leave until completely dry (at least 24 hours). As my wooden door was in quite good condition, I did not need to do this.


How To:


Firstly, I prepped the door. This beautiful old door had already been partially stripped and sanded back but need further work. I used the Bosch orbital rectangular sander with an 60 grit sanding pad to start with and even out the surface, and then moved up to a 180 grit sanding pad to smooth the surface. I also used the Bosch detailed sander to smooth the trim.


After this, I vacuumed the door, and then wiped it down with mineral turps on a lint free cloth. It was then time to stain the door.


I used Feast Watson Timber and Deck Stain in Black Japan. First, I thoroughly stirred the stain with a flat blade stirrer, making sure not to introduce any bubbles (and continued to do this throughout the application process). I then painted on sections of the stain in the direction of the grain. I ended up doing two coats for a really deep dark colour.


Finally, it was time to hang my new door! We removed the old one, added a new handle and hinges to the new door and attached it to the door frame. I love how it has completely changed the look of the space!

This project is in collaboration with Feast Watson


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Let us know your thoughts!

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