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Just Launched: Geneva's DIY School!

Home DIY Nov 8, 2023

For the last year I’ve kept such a huge secret, and I can’t believe I’m finally saying this. I’ve launched my own online DIY School!

It feels so good to finally be able to tell you about it, and share what has literally taken over my life for almost two years. For the last decade I’ve been all about sharing my creativity and hopefully inspiring you to get started on your next project. But I’ve always really wanted more space and time to share techniques, ideas and learnings with you. Which is why I’m so overjoyed to introduce Geneva’s DIY School – an online community of creative learning with courses to get you started. It’s all about building your creative confidence and making learning pure joy!

Check out Geneva’s DIY School here

I’m so excited because the first course is all about something I’m sooo passionate about, Upcycling Furniture! We’ve trawled secondhand stores, spent literal days (and nights lol) sanding,  painted the most gorgeous pieces, picked stain and soooo much more. If I’m honest it’s been so much harder than I expected but I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created.

The first course – Upcycling Furniture

In this first course I’ll teach you how to find, design, make and sell your dream upcycles. There’s sooo much in the course including:

  • Ten modules covering Restoring Timber, Painting Furniture, Tiling Furniture, Upholstery and so much more.
  • A whole module dedicated to turning your upcycling into a profitable business (including tips from me on how to use social media to create a community!).
  • Over 40 lessons (more than 35 videos!)
  • 50+ printable materials including amazing flow charts, budget templates and detailed guides
  • Exclusive supplier discounts on materials, tools and styling items (from the likes of Bosch, Tile Cloud and more!)
  • Ten never seen before upcycling projects

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