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DIY Hat Chain

DIY Fashion Feb 20, 2015

DIY Hat Chain

In the last few years hats become something I wear everyday, clearly the whole sun protection thing is important, but in the end for me I love them because they can pull your whole outfit together. Because I wear so many of my hats to death, sometimes you want to find a way to inject new life into your most worn piece, which is where this DIY Hat Chain might come in handy. We have a whole bunch of gorgeous new chains in the store, and though we’d get crafty! In a few simple steps, change up the features on an old hat with the addition of some chain and voila, you end up with a whole new hat!

DIY Hat Chain

You need:

  • a hat
  • a length of chain (you can find some in the store)
  • pliers
  • un-picker

How to:

1. Using your unpicked, remove any unwanted features from your hat

2. Wrap your piece of chain around the hat and cut how much you will need.

3. Use your pliers to open the last link in the chain.

4. Wrap your piece of chain around the hat again

5. Attach the opened link onto the last loop on the other end of the chain and ply it shut.

Voila! You can hang onto the ribbon of your hat so you can do a swap down the line.

Outfit photos by Nicola Lemmon

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