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DIY Skateboard Make Up Shelf

DIY Storage Mar 5, 2015

DIY Skateboard Make Up Shelf

Yep, sometimes you just want to create a shrine to your favourite products, a place where application feels like a time out and Cleopatra-esque, as opposed to a last minute afterthought before you run out the door. Sadly the studio isn’t big enough for a powder room, so I decided to make my own little corner – by creating a shelf out of a spare skate deck we had in the office. A 10 minute job that takes your daily makeup routine up a notch, and is perfect for small spaces!

DIY Skateboard Make Up Shelf

You need:

  • a skate deck
  • rope

How to:

1. Cut your rope to size, roughly double the size of the length of where you’re going to hang it. Using scissors or something pointy, push the end of the rope though from the top to underneath the deck.

2. Pass the end of the rope through the adjacent hole from underneath, and then pull the rope through so the middle sits halfway. Do that for both sides.

3. To hang the shelf, I attached it to a pipe that runs along the top of the wall, you can drew some hooks into the wall if you don’t have anything to hang it on.

Voila! To create the perfect nook, simply add a mirror above the shelf, that’s next on my list!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

By the way, these are some of my favourite products at the moment, I like to keep it minimal in the make up department. 🙂

Ps if you love shelves, check out some other DIYs here, here and here.

Tags Beauty home interiors

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