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DIY Leather Jewelry Dish

DIY Storage Apr 6, 2015

DIY Leather Jewelry Dish

Do your gorgeous rings and necklaces often end up lying all over the house or perhaps collecting dust on your nightstand? Yep mine too.

Instead of letting that happen, make something pretty to store them in. We used the leather crafting kit from the store to craft this – so easy!

DIY Leather Jewelry Dish

You need:

Buy the full kit of materials here!

How to:

1. Draw a triangle on the back of your leather measuring 30cm (12 inches) along the sides.

2. Cut out your triangle. At each corner, punch two holes 1cm (half inch) from the edge.

3. Place the bottom part of the stud through one hole.

4. Fold the leather over so that the two holes match up and then add the top of the stud.

5. Repeat adding the studs in the same direction. Once all the studs are in, fold the leather along the crease.

Finally, add your little treasures!

Ps. If you love DIY Jewellery Storage make sure to check out this project and this one.


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