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DIY Off The Shoulder Beach Dress

DIY Fashion May 19, 2015

DIY Off The Shoulder Beach Dress

Greetings from the Greek Islands guys!

It’s my first time here and I have to say all the hype is completely worth it, such an utterly jaw dropping place. I’m writing this from my bed in Santorini, and wanted to share with you this dress I made recently – the white and frills certainly give it a Mykonos vibe (my next destination in fact!). This dress is ridiculously easy to make, and just as easy to wear 🙂 Basically all you’re doing is created two gathered skirts, one the length from your bust to your mid thigh, and the other a mini skirt that just sits around your arms – you then attach them together as shown below and away you go!

You can follow my Greek Adventures over on Instagram, or join me on snapchat: apair_andaspare

DIY Off The Shoulder Beach Dress


Decide on how long you want your dress to be. This is pretty easy and can be done by draping the fabric around yourself.


Wrap your elastic around yourself over your bust, stretch it a little but make sure it isn't too tight.


Double the width of your elastic and mark this measurement by drawing a line along the length of the fabric.


Fold the top of your fabric from the top towards the line and pin it in place.


Sew along the bottom of your folded fabric, leaving a small gap between the start and finish.


Attach your elastic to something structured and thread it through the fabric loop you have created.


Thread it through until the elastic appears at the other end. Sew the elastic together.


Sew along the bottom closing the gap you left previously.


Hem the bottom of your fabric by simply folding it under and sewing along the bottom.


Using the same technique, create a smaller piece of fabric which will fit around your shoulders.


Place the smaller piece over the top of the body of the dress. Pin together the centre front point and also the centre back point.


Stitch along the elasticated section.


This will keep the two pieces attached and allow you to adjust how far off the shoulder you want your dress to sit.

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Photos by Nicola Lemon

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