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DIY Split Wrap Skirt

DIY Fashion Aug 5, 2015

DIY Split Wrap Skirt

A few months ago, on the Sunday afternoon before fashion week, I decided that I needed something new to wear.

I mean, who doesn’t feel like that sometimes? And so I headed to the local fabric store, and picked up a few metres of linen fabric. Doing anything with it was going to be  major challenge because I was sans sewing machine, but I knew something was possible. And did I mention I only had an hour to make it? This is one of those projects that you kind of just wrap around and fit on you as you go. Think of yourself as a Heidi Klume-esque fit model and also yourself as Tom Ford doing the cutting and draping. Or something like that.

DIY Split Wrap Skirt

You need:

  • Linen or cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Snap Buttons
  • Fusing Tape (optional if you’re lazy like me)
  • Pins

I’ve done a little diagram as to how I made the skirt. It really is easier than it looks. I used fusible bonding  tape to iron the hems and edges over instead of sewing because I was sans sewing machine and low on time, however I suggest sewing the edges/ hems if you can.

How to:

1. Cut your fabric to size as seen in step 1 in the diagram above. Then you want to create the darts at the back. This is the hardest part of the process and involves you wrapping the skirt around you and pinning to yourself so the skirt fits to your back and bottom.

2. Sew the darts as shown. I did mine by hand.

3. Iron down.

4. The back should look like this.

5.  To create the curved wrapped edge at the front, I simply folded the edge over as seen below so that it created a rounded shape. And then used the tape to iron down. If you are sewing, I suggest you cut the rounded edge and use bias tape to finish it.

6. To do the hems, as I mentioned I used fusible bonding tape. Sewing fanatics are going to cringe at this, don’t hate me!  (You can rest assured I sewed it up when I got back to the studio). Simply roll out the tape and place it between the hem.

7. Iron well to fuse the fabric together. Finally, as shown in the diagram sew on the button snaps so that the skirt stays on when wrapped.

Ta da!


Like DIY skirts? You should check out this one, this one and this one. Or see all our fashion DIYs here. So easy to make!

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