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Quick DIY: Test Tube Bolt Vases

Home DIY Aug 17, 2015

Test Tube Bolt Vases

We’re all about a test tube vases in the studio, hanging or otherwise. But sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to enjoy them as much as you would like on your desk, what with their inability to stand up and all. I mean, who had time to hold your vase up all day long? In the absence of a high school science lab from which to sneak off with a wooden stand, we got a little crafty and created these simple bolt vases. All they’ll set you back is a trip to your local hardware store. Read on for a ten minutes DIY!

Test Tube Bolt Vases

You need:

  • Test tube vases
  • Bolts
  • E6000 Glue

How to:

1. Apply some glue to the inside of your bolt

2. Stick the test tube vase inside the bolt and allow the glue to dry completely

3. Cut flowers to size to fit inside the vases


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