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Studio DIY: Quick Desk Organiser (Using Boxes!)

DIY Storage Aug 25, 2015

DIY Desk Organiser

Chances are you’ll be no stranger to my love of using boxes to make a space more interesting, but recently I got around to using them to make the studio more functional as well. I had been contemplating putting in some shelves above my desk for a while now,  just never got around to it. But sometimes the need for organisation strikes me and I can’t stop until it’s all ship shape. Although, to be fair this urge is pretty infrequent and, in full disclosure, most of the time I revel in my mess! This project probably can’t be classified as a project at all – simply stacking some wine crates to make shelves and packing them with my favourite things. But fun and useful none the less. And absolutely perfect to refresh your home or dorm desk as part of going back to school, or just simply getting organised.

If you’re after a few other studio ideas, check out my Note Board, Hanging Shelves and Round Hanging shelf. Talk about shelfies!

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