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Before & After: Turn a Jacket Into a Skirt

DIY Fashion Oct 28, 2015

Turn a Jacket Into a Skirt

Pulling out the winter coats in preparation for colder weather is something that triggers seasonal related depression in most of us – it’s a sign that yep, summer has well and truly come to a close. Depending on where you live you may have done it recently, or months back, but either way they’re bound to come out sooner or later (unless you’re down under!). No matter where you are though, and whether you like sweater weather or not, chances are you have a few spare jackets that don’t suit your style or the trends any more. Luckily, pocket skirts with a trench or military vibe were all over the runways for this season, making them a great little potential project. I love this style, because for me a sense of tailoring does so much for a simple outfit. It’s also great because it’s so simple to turn that old coat into a skirt! Read on to see how.

Before & After: Turn a Jacket Into a Skirt

You need:

  • A jacket
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread or sewing machine.

To choose the right jacket, you should look for one with buttons, see if you can find one with buttons that are’t too far apart. Also, the length between under the arm and the hem will end up being how long your skirt is, so you will want to choose a longer jacket for this. Finally, a boxy style is better as it will have more room to move. A man’s jacket is a good choice for this too!

How to:

1. Start by cutting your jacket off straight across under the arms.

2. Fold the top hem over.

3. Sew that down to create a finished hem.

4. Sew some darts in the back or sides of your skirt to fit it to your wait.

Voila! If you find that the buttons gape at the front at all, you may want to consider sewing some of the front opening closed, leaving just enough of an opening to get in and out.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Tags jacket sewing Skirts

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