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Quick DIY: Beaded Hanging Noteroll

Home DIY Oct 26, 2015

Beaded Hanging Noteroll

Aloha from Maui guys! After a quick stop in Japan I’ve come to Hawaii to have some downtime with my family. It’s the first time we’ve been all together for over 4 years – my brother and his gf are living in New York and with my parents down under it’s hard to bring people from 3 continents together! We’re staying in a little house in a beach town and I’m excited to do some hiking, surfing and eating loads of pineapple. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a little something I made before I left last week – a quick beaded noteroll board – perfect for your kitchen, office or kids room! All we did was string some beads onto some twine, and used a roll of paper from the children’s section in Ikea. So simple, it’ll take you literally 5 minutes to do. Enjoy your week guys! I’ve got a few fun DIYs lined up for you. x

Also perfect as a blog post note board – always good to plan those posts out on a Sunday or Monday!

Looking forward to sharing all my Maui finds with you! 🙂

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