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DIY off the Shoulder Shirt (Takes Less Than a Minute!)

DIY Fashion May 11, 2016

DIY off the shoulder shirt

Greetings from Chiang Mai in Thailand guys!

I’ve come here with my friend Nicola Lemmon to explore this gorgeous city, it may be 42 degrees celsius in the shade but we’re loving every minute. Wanting to condense the wardrobe items that I took with me, I tried to pack as many super versatile pieces as I could, which is where this white shirt turned into a off the shoulder number has totally come in handy. White cotton shirts are one of my staples when it comes to travelling, but there’s only so many times you can wear it straight up. Luckily, with a few folds and twists, you can turn it into something completely different, and bang on trend. This adds to those other ways to wear a white shirt I talked about here, but is even more easy to do!

I wanted to also share some sneak peek pics of the new Chiang Mai guide I’ve been putting together, including an awe inspiring visit to Queen Sirikit Botanical gardens, where they have this INCREDIBLE cactus garden. As an absolute plant addict I have to say this was the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Finely enough there was pretty much no one there! More photos coming soon.

DIY Off the Shoulder Shirt


How To

  1. Do up the two buttons in the middle of your bust and below that one, it’s ok if you can see your bra at this stage.
  2. Pull the shirt on both sides down your shoulders, folding the collar at the back inside the shirt.
  3. Tie the bottow of the shirt into a bow, or tuck it into your skirt/pants.
  4. Roll your sleeves and away you go!

If you love an easy DIY (as much as I do) make sure to check out my DIY Convertible Bodysuit, DIY Off the Shoulder Crop Top, and this DIY Open Back Shirt.

Photos by lovely Nicola Lemmon at Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens

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