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Ask Geneva: Have You Got Any Questions You'd Like Answered?

Let's Talk May 3, 2016

Have you got any questions you'd like answered?

Guyyyyyyys I’m so excited about all the incredible tips you’ve given us for our upcoming trip to Spain. On the back of your mini guides I’ve booked hotels, made lists of must visit neighbourhoods and even changed a few of the plans! It pays to know some locals, right guys? More than the actual content of your suggestions, what stuck me is how many of you got involved in the conversation, something I absolutely love and feel brings us so close together, even if we’re all over the world. It’s always so good to be reminded that it’s not a one way thing, a blog is about an ongoing conversation from which we all grow and learn.

Annnnnnnddd with that in mind, I wanted to throw it out to you, to see f you have any questions that you’d like answered from my side, by starting a series of Q&A posts. No question too small or random> whether it be about travel, beauty, style, business, careers, getting started, um house plants or whatever really. Depending on how many there are I’ll be answering them in a blog post and also maybe putting  a few into video format so you can hear it all enunciated in pure, unadulterated Aussie (‘maaaaaattttteeee’).

Have you got any questions you’d like answered?

So let’s get the conversation going! To submit simply comment on this post or send me questions via twitter or instagram, and I’ll put the answers in a post/video for you. If you’d prefer to keep your name/details on the downlow, you can email me at geneva @ and I’ll add them to the list, and keep your details secret.

And for those of you who do get involved, I’d love to hear more about you! It was fun and enlightening to learn more about my Spanish readers (or people who had just stopped by Spain) and so I thought this could be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better. Cue Sound of Music theme song. Let me know where you’re from, what you’re into, whether you’d prefer a Backstreet Boys or a Destiny’s Child come back and even your thoughts on climate change …. or whatever you feel like sharing. Can’t wait to chat more!

Question from me to you….. How are we feeling about flares? Be honest!

Photo by Nicola Lemmon


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