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Question: What Should I Make With These Fabrics? (The Bump Edition)

Let's Talk Mar 21, 2018

What Should I Make With These Fabrics?

Hey guys! Oh you know how much I love this game, right?

If you’ve been following along on stories you’ll know that a few days ago I hit up my local fabric markets, searching for new pieces of fabric to make outfits for this totally new figure I’m sporting these days. Although it’s taken a while to show, the bump is now well and truly on display… And needs some better clothing options! I’ve been able to get by with a few pieces in bigger sizes, but soon I’m going to need a more specific wardrobe. One look at most of the maternity gear on the market and you know the genre can be lacking, which is why I’m keen to make a few pieces myself!


What Should I Make With These Fabrics: A Few Ideas

This time I went to the fabric markets with a bit of an idea in mind for what I wanted – essentially everything needs to be light and breezy. After I bought the fabrics, I very quickly pulled some inspiration (above) that has been floating around my Pinterest boards for some time now. And before you guys start panicking and going ‘Geneva none of those outfits are maternity!!’, well yes you’re right but being somewhat adverse to maternity gear (or at least the way it presents itself most of the time) I’m looking to create some maternity appropriate styles that are loose, airy and comfortable whilst still being chic. So basically, I’m going to be looking at the above silhouettes and redesigning them slightly to allow for a growing belly… So elasticated waistbands, lots of shirring, midi skirts and dresses with lots of room in the waist and overalls. Sooooo many pairs of overalls.

Elasticated trousers These are something I’ve been wanting to wear a lot lately, but as the bump grows I’m finding them a little short in the inseam (ouch!) so ones with a bit more room are in order.

Shirred Dresses For those times when you don’t want to wear a mumu, something slightly more body con is helpful, so considering making a full shirred dress to wear over easter.

Jumpsuits Man am I feeling pinafores and jumpsuits right now… And I think a nice striped long one (with extra room in the belly) and a khaki short one are potential projects. Because the less thinking you have to do to put an outfit together the better!


Fabrics I bought: textured navy and white linen (the white has a slight pinstripe), biscuit-coloured cheesecloth, striped seersucker cotton, dusty pink crinkled cotton.

So guys! I would absolutely love to hear what you think we should make… I know there might be a few mamas out there with some tips and tricks… At the end of the day I’m looking for comfort and simplicity, without being outfits that scream ‘I’m up the duff’. When I read that back I realise these outfits have a lot of requirements, what a great challenge. Thanks for your help!


Let us know your thoughts!

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