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How to Design A Laundry (When You're Tight On Space!)

Renovating Mar 22, 2018

How To Design A Laundry

When you start designing a house, I have to admit that the laundry usually gets overlooked, I mean it’s not exactly sexy (in the same way that a kitchen or bathroom might make you swoon).

But it’s one of those spaces in the house that you desperately need to be well designed, to make it quick and easy to process your dirty laundry. Cos let’s be honest, no one wants to be spending more time in the laundry than they have to! But what about when you’re tight on space? In our new house, we didn’t want to dedicate a whole room to a laundry because of the somewhat small amount for space we had for services like this, so decided to use a few small space hacks to make it super functional, without taking over the whole house. To celebrate the release of the new LG Twin Wash, our friends over at LG asked us to share our small space laundry plans, along with some tips and tricks. And we couldn’t resist! Here’s your guide on how to design a laundry!


How To Design A Laundry: The Essentials


There’s pretty much no way around having a faucet and sink in your laundry space, no matter the size, so make sure to prioritise part of the area for this.


Sometimes you want to hide your clutter, but in a laundry room — it’s the clutter you need to reach for the most! But if you’re tight on space, you’ll need to utilise the walls so create some functional shelving, and use baskets and boxes to separate (and disguise) clutter).


Even in smaller spaces, countertop space is key for a laundry because you’ll need to sort, store and fold clothes. In our space, we’ve decided to do a simple wooden countertop next to the washing machine.


I don’t usually get excited about washing machines, but I have to say the LG Twin Wash is great, and exactly the type of versatile appliance we need. Not only is it a washer dryer combo (meaning you save a tonne of space) but it also combines a mini and a larger washing machine, meaning you can do a small or delicate wash without using too much water or energy. I also like that you can use your phone to start or monitor a wash, which is perfect if you’re forgetful like me!


Like bathrooms, the flooring in the laundry gets a workout. So we’ve decided to tile the laundry in the same gorgeous tiles as the bathroom, making it easy to clear and dry them when you’re done!


At the end of the day, no matter how pretty your laundry is, you probably don’t want it on display all the time. So we’ve designed our laundry as a simple closet next to the bathroom, with folding doors that mean you can fold it all away when you’re done. Voila!

This post is in collaboration with LG. Illustration by Natalie Ong.


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