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Quick DIY: Double Circle Belt

DIY Fashion May 2, 2016

DIY Double Circle Belt

A very easy little project coming up to help cure your Monday blues.  I know I’m probably a little late to the party on this one but I’ve got a bit of an urge to embrace everything about 70’s style – hoop earrings, mustard, flares. And circles everywhere. Sign me up. I’ll be starting small with this little belt though… baby steps. Perhaps you’ll join me?

DIY Double Circle Belt

You need

  • A  scarf or a piece of soft ribbon
  • Two metal hoops
  • A needle and thread

How to

1. Start by lining your two circle loops up together at the end of the piece of ribbon/scarf.

2. Fold the end over the two loops and sew it down to the fabric on the other side, so you’re effectively sewing the loops to the end of the fabric.

3. It should look like this….. Annnnnnnd you’re pretty much done.

4. To secure the clasp, you need to thread the other end through the rings. But if you just put the end through both rings it will obviously just slip out, which is where a little techniques comes into play. To do this, take the end under both rings, over the top of the outer one and then under the underneath one. This creates the tension that will keep your belt nicccccce and tight.


Hope you’re having a great Monday guys!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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