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LA Travel Tips?

Travel Aug 21, 2016

LA Travel Tips

Guyssss! I’m off across the pond this week to work in LA, and I couldn’t be more excited (except not for the jet lag, that I could take or leave). The West Coast is a place I’ve been waiting to visit for so so (sooooo) long, it actually feels strange that I’ve never been. And while Ben and I have marked in our 2017 calendars a road trip along the whole of the west coast, this time around I’ll just be in LA – a little reconnaissance tour as such. After your amazing tips on Spain, I wanted to put it out there, oh well travelled and insightful readers, to see if you can think of anything I can’t miss.  I’ll have a few days downtime before and after working to explore some neighbourhoods (and buy out the whole of Trader Joe’s!), so do let me know the hits, misses and anything in between. I love food, little boutiques, markets and am also keen to try some weird and wacky LA workout classes. Thoughts?

I’ve also got time to check out a few creative studios/ designers/ crafters here and there and knowing just how colourful and creative the city is, I’m sure there are plenty I should visit. Let me know if you can recommend any! (Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m bracing myself for a scary uber bill!).

Man I wish my suitcase would be this organised! Right now it’s a scary pile on the loungeroom floor.

Ps thanks to anyone who’s already dropped recommendations onto my instagram. All so incredibly useful. See you on the other side! xxx

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